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Sulphuric acid is a colorless oily liquid. It is soluble in water with release of heat. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It will char wood and most other organic matter on contact, but is unlikely to cause a fire.

Density 15 lb / gal. Long term exposure to low concentrations or short term exposure to high concentrations can result in adverse health effects from inhalation. It is used to make fertilizers and other chemicals, in petroleum refining, in iron and steel production, and for many other uses

2. Sulphuric Acid Properties

CAS Number:


HSN Code:



Chemical Safety:

Molecular Formula:

H2SO4 or H2O4S


Sulphuric acid
Oil of vitriol
Dihydrogen sulfate

Molecular Weight:

98.08 g/mol

3. Sulphuric Acid Chemical Names

4. Sulphuric Acid Price

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