Strong Nitric Acid 98% for Manufacturing

Strong Nitric Acid 98% for Manufacturing that contains dissolved nitrogen oxides prepared as either a colorless to pale yellow or a red to brown corrosive poisonous liquid and used especially as a nitrating agent and as a powerful oxidizing agent (as in rocket propellants)

Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online  that is indirectly used as an oxidizer in liquid-fueled rockets for determining trace level metals in solutions. Red Fuming Nitric Acid Supplier used as a chemical doping agent for organic semiconductors, and in purification processes for raw carbon nanotubes, artificially age pine and maple.

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In the realm of chemical compounds, few are as potent and versatile as Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online. With applications spanning from rocket propellants to specialty chemicals, RFNA plays a crucial role in various industries. This blog post sheds light on the convenience and quality of purchasing red fuming nitric acid online from Maruti Fine Chemicals, exploring its significance, properties, applications, and the benefits of sourcing it from a reputable supplier.

Online Accessibility for Red Fuming Nitric Acid

Maruti Fine Chemicals, a renowned name in the chemical industry, offers the convenience of purchasing Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online. This online accessibility not only saves time and resources but also ensures that businesses and laboratories have easy access to this specialized compound. With a user-friendly interface and a seamless ordering process, Maruti Fine Chemicals empowers customers to obtain RFNA without the hassle of traditional procurement methods.

2. Fuming Nitric Acid Properties

CAS Number:


HSN Code:



Chemical Safety:

Molecular Formula:



Azotic acid
Hydrogen nitrate

Molecular Weight:

63.013 g/mol

Fuming Nitric Acid Density:


3. Fuming Nitric Acid Chemical Names

Versatile Applications

The applications of r Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online are as diverse as they are critical to various industries:

1. Rocket Propellants: RFNA is a key component in the formulation of hypergolic rocket propellants used in space exploration. Its powerful oxidizing nature makes it suitable for boosting propellant performance.

2. Specialty Chemicals: Industries such as electronics, aerospace, and defense rely on RFNA for the synthesis of specialty chemicals, including explosives and high-energy materials.

3. Etching and Surface Treatment: RFNA’s corrosive properties make it suitable for etching and surface treatment processes in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

4. Laboratory Reagent: In research and analytical laboratories, RFNA is used as a reagent in various experiments due to its ability to initiate unique chemical reactions.

4. Fuming Nitric Acid Packing

Nitric Acid Fuming is available in 2.5 Liter Glass Bottle Only

2.5 Liter Glass Bottle Packing List:


5. How to Store This Acid?

We manufacture Red Fuming Nitric Acid Supplier – HNO3  and can store Fuming Nitric Acid 98% in Glass Bottles or any glass container, But we need to keep the lid of bottle or container slightly open to pass the air so that the fumes do not accumulate in the bottle causing it to burst.

We understand that proper storage of chemicals is crucial to ensure the well-being of your team and the integrity of your operations. Here, we provide you with comprehensive guidelines on how to store Chlorosulfonic Acid safely and efficiently.

6. Fuming Nitric Acid Price

Maruti Fine Chemicals is well known manufacturer of Strong Nitric Acid 98% for Manufacturing & also the dealers of Nitric Acid Commercial Grade. Scroll down to know more about Fuming Nitric acid price and procurement. 

We take pride in offering premium-grade fuming Strong Nitric Acid 98% for Manufacturing that meets the stringent demands of various industries. Backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our pricing ensures exceptional value for your investment.

Our fuming Strong Nitric Acid 98% for Manufacturing is meticulously manufactured and rigorously tested to meet the highest industry standards. With its powerful oxidizing properties, it serves a crucial role in various industrial applications, including chemical synthesis, metal etching, and more.


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About Fuming Nitric Acid:

Fuming Nitric Acid is a highly corrosive and reactive chemical widely used in chemical synthesis, metallurgy, and other industrial processes. Its unique properties make it a valuable reagent in various applications.

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For pricing details, inquiries, or to place an order for Fuming Nitric Acid, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team at Maruti Fine Chemicals is here to assist you in meeting your chemical requirements with efficiency and excellence. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The availability of red fuming nitric acid online from Maruti Fine Chemicals represents a convergence of convenience, quality, and expertise. As industries continue to harness the potential of Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online in various applications, Maruti Fine Chemicals stands as a reliable partner, ensuring the availability of a compound that is crucial to cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

By streamlining the procurement process and upholding stringent quality standards, Maruti Fine Chemicals facilitates the acquisition of Buy Red Fuming Nitric Acid Online, empowering industries, researchers, and laboratories to make strides in their respective fields while prioritizing safety and responsible use.

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